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Rules for playing bingo

Just like any other game or sport, there are rules for playing bingo that players must stick to. This rules guide how the game progresses. They state what is and what is not expected of players. They also set the standards by which the game should be played. The rules for playing this game however differ from state to state. The following are the common rules for playing bingo:

A player must be 18 years. In most states gambling is illegal for minors .This is because playing bingo can be risky at times. The environment in which this game is played also contributes to the age restriction. Bingo is played in social halls where drinking and smoking are rampant. This makes most states regulate the age for those who can play this game.

Whereas some halls forbid sale and use of alcoholic beverages, others sell alcohol together with soft drinks. Most halls also prohibit revelers from bringing drinks and food from outside.

The management through security controls the entrance and exit t points to the halls. There are times when management may prohibit players from leaving or entering the hall. This is especially during those games that are considered high stake.

While playing bingo, one is not allowed to reserve specific cards. Another bingo rule states that people should not just sit back and watch their friends and relatives play. This rule is against idlers and requires everybody in the hall to have their own buy-in. In some halls, seated players are required to have their attendance ticket in full view of everyone as they play.

The shouting of bingo must be done promptly and on time. A player who has already found the pattern should call out bingo loud enough for the caller to hear. The shouting should also be done on time before the caller calls out another number.

As is evident from the above rules, the rules for playing bingo are not difficult to follow. The rules help to regulate the game and do not in any way limit the fun one can have.

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