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UK Bingo Was a Hit From Day One

UK bingo has lasted the test of time and has a long history. With the 100s of years the game has been around the game has hardly changed and the 90 ball version has become to be the UK’s favoured version of the game. It was not long until the rest of the world caught on and took the game of bingo for themselves and they did, with New Zealand and Australia being the main countries to do so.

Not many people are aware of bingo’s history and the UK cannot take the credit for the creation of the game. Bingo is in fact a worldwide sport with countries favouring either the 75 ball version of bingo or the 90 ball version. Many people will tell you a different version to how bingo came to be but all you need to know is that countries from Japan to the USA play and a million others worldwide.

Bingo first hit the US scene through a toy salesman who was based in New York. Edwin S. Lowe found bingo at a carnival sideshow where the game back then was known as 'Beano'. Edwin found out that the game would last until the early hours of the mornings on most days and that the only way to get people to leave was to ask them when the caller had had enough. It seemed like from day one that bingo had a promised start.

When the game was known as 'Beano' the game was played on cards where the numbers would be covered with actual beans and is where the name 'Beano' came from. From this original game the bingo cards evolved into a 5 by 5 grid which today is known as 75 ball bingo. The reason for the 5 by 5 grids was for the endless possibilities of winning patters that could be made. Instead of horizontal and vertical lines, diagonal lines and patterns such as boxes and corners could be used.

Nowadays, if people are playing online, both UK and US players, they can experience both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo and chose for themselves which they believe to be the best version of the game. The internet made the game more thriving than ever and anyone with access to the internet is able to play the game.

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