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Leapfrog Bingo Halls

Leapfrog Software took their first bow into the gaming indutry in June 2001 after an extensive marketing and development effort. A strategic alliance was formed with Raxco Software, and jointly they developed and marketed a unique Windows high availability product to assist IT personnel in maintaining high availability in their networks. The founders of Leapfrog Software are experienced professionals with over 55 years of combined experience in the software business.

Leapfrog Software's ultimate mission is to deliver the most innovative high availability products to its customers that will decrease network service costs, and increase the value and efficiency of the organization and that of their clients.

Leapfrog bingo rooms are actual full 3D environments in which the player can move, play and interact with other players and chat-managers. Despite the fact that it might appear to some as an attempt to ride the recent wave of popularity that Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games have acquired, it is a welcome change to the sometimes dull isometric or plain old 2D environments offered by most online gambling software suppliers.

Leapfrog Bingo Bonuses

100% on first deposits Extra 10% incl for approved payment methods)

Leapfrog Bingo Software and Games


Leapfrog Bingo Banking

Leapfrog Bingo Halls are geared to accept almost all payment methods

Leapfrog Bingo Games and Cards

Leapfrog Bingo Hall offer various card prices and specials including nickel and dime specials

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