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Bingo Hall

How to Bingo Online

Is it safe?
Oh yes, the online bingo halls all use secure servers to protect their valuable assets, namely you the player.

Is it legal?
Depending on where you stay, the law differs from country to country and state to state. Check with your local authority if you are not sure of this.

Starting out
There are hundreds of bingo halls online. The first thing you need to do is find a good bingo hall. Many people simply rely on portals like Bingo for Money to do the homework for them We spend a lot of time and money creating a good name and won't risk promoting anyone but the best. Simply go through our top ten list and choose a bingo hall that appeals to you. Generally speaking, the offers are quite similar so it is perhaps a good idea to go with a theme that you find appealing. Personally, we like Bingo Liner with the realistc 3D imaging and great support.

The next step
A brand like playtech is international and trusted. You are being asked to click a button called install. Is it safe? Will you get a virus. Stick with our recommended bingo halls and enjoy the safety and professionalism that comes with dealing with international market leading software developers. Yes, it is entirely safe to download. For starters to play bingo online, you will initially download a module that gets the lobby onto your desktop rather quickly. The balance of the download will continue later (in some software cases, in others the download is immediate). If you are on download, expect it to still be quite quick but you will probably take up to 15 min's to get it onto your desktop in a completed format.

The form
You get a form asking you to give the bingo hall certain personal information. Please do give them this information. The bingo hall transacts huge sums daily and is by law required to understand its customer. It's for a good cause and your information will remain confidential. You are after all dealing with reputable bingo halls. It also protects you against attempted fraud. It's very difficult for a fraud to pretend they are you if the bingo hall for example has a copy of your ID.

The login
You will have chosen a username and password. Protect them, they are private. Now that you have logged in and ready to play bingo, we suggest you simply watch the chat screen and the caller calling a game. Get comfortable. Send a private message using the chat software to the chatmaster (They are identifiable on the chat screen). Ask them what to do and meet your new hero! Your chatmaster is generally chosen for their love of people and of the game. They know their software! You will get NO better advice than from them.

The first deposit
In many cases, banks have stopped processing gambling transactions. You will need to decide on an alternative means of transacting online. We recommend NETeller. Convenience simply is not the word. We love the ultra convenience. We use a NETeller debit card to both withdraw funds in cash or to purchase goods. NETeller cards are cirrus and maestro compatible. To read about banking alternatives, visit our bingo banking page.

The first game
We alluded to it on our penny and nickel bingo page. It's better to buy multiple cards in a low cost game than 1 or 2 cards in a high value game. Look at your budget and at the amount of time you will be playing. In most cases, 25c a card is a good choice so look out for the quarter games schedule

Other Games offered in Bingo Halls
Most Bingo Halls offer side games that can be played even during your Bingo games such as Slots, Keno and Scratch Cards. Games such as Craps, Online Blackjack, Online Roulette and Online Poker are seldom offered at Bingo Halls, as these are specialised games and played very differently. However there are a few Online Casinos that offer full Bingo.

Good luck and please enjoy yourself as much as we do.

How to bingo online