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What Are Bingo Promotions and Promo Codes?

Bingo bonus codes and promotion codes are a way for bingo players to get free extra bingo money to play online bingo for free, usually. They are a way for bingo sites to promote and get more bingo players to join. It is kind of like a win win situation for both parties. These bingo promo codes are a group of letters or numbers that you enter on the deposit screen of a bingo site to claim extra money when you deposit the required amount. You do need to make a deposit to be entitled, but they bonus money is usually a plus.

The required amount of money that is needed for you to be eligible is always disclosed. When you deposit the required amount and the code has been entered correctly your account is usually updated with the extra amount of bingo credit or money to play with instantly. You need to double check that the code you enter is correct (copying and pasting the codes is always the best option) as if you enter the wrong code you will not be able to claim anything.

Bingo credit is free extra money that you can play bingo only with; if you get free money to play with then you are able to play bingo, slots and other games, not just bingo. Sometimes this is unclear when you are depositing so more investigation is always required. Either way, free money is always better than none at all.

The way these codes work is, you will be given a code such as "Get50" for 50% extra free. This means that whatever money you decide to deposit you will get an extra 50% free. Depositing 10 will get you 15 in total, deposit 20 will get you 30 in total. As you can see, the more you deposit the more money you actually get free. Most codes always work in percentages, obviously the higher the percentage the more bingo money you will receive also.

These codes are usually handed out each week by some bingo sites such as Tasty bingo and Redbus bingo, others only hand them out if they are having special promotions. One more thing that is also worth mentioning, bingo promo codes are only valid once, this means if you are to deposit again with the same code you will not be eligible for any more free money, this is also stated

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