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Great Bingo Tips From Ladies.888.com

If your impression of bingo is old ladies in bingo halls, or people in holiday parks where they don't have good nightlife, it's time you thought again. Online bingo is changing the face of UK bingo forever.

Ladies.888.com is a bingo site for women of all ages, with fun chat games, great loyalty bonuses, and prizes more fitting for a Vegas casino. You can play 75 or 90 ball bingo, and could win hundreds of thousands of pounds in prize money if you hit the jackpot. There are also special competitions going on all year round, with prizes ranging from cars to cruises.

Playing bingo games online with ladies.888.com is easy, and when you join you can get a welcome bonus that will let you play even more for your money. In fact, this month there is an offer going where new members can enjoy 10 of plays for free!

So, next time you feel like a few games of bingo, turn to the computer if it's cold outside. You can enjoy all the fun of a bingo hall, at a lower price, and often with more chances to win!

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