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Play Bingo for Money - Site disclaimer

Please read the following terms and conditions as contained in our site-wide disclaimer.

Gambling site - This site is for information purposes only. You cannot gamble on this site.

Information - We will attempt to keep all our information totally up to date. The online bingo halls do however make changes to, in particular but not limited to, their bonus offers and sometimes even their terms and conditions. No bingo hall can be bound by the terms of an outdated advertisement and we cannot be held liable for having any outdated information on the site. We strongly urge you to browse through the bingo hall site before playing to ascertain the current terms and conditions.

Legality - Gambling is illegal in certain jurisdictions. We cannot be expected to determine the legal status of online gambling for each of our visitors. We would suggest that you first check with your local authorities before gambling online.

Age - It is commonly accepted that it is illegal for under 18's to gamble. In many jurisdictions, this age limit can be 21.

Gambling problem - There are a number of signs that indicate problem gambling. The biggest sign of all though will be when you find yourself spending more than you would be willing to lose. Gambling is a form of entertainment. When it becomes more than that, it may be time to seek help. Your online casino will help by locking your account (request them to help you) and a visit to the likes of Gamblers Anonymous will help you find the support you need from others.

Liability - We have taken whatever means we have at our disposal to try and list only those casinos who have the ability to honor their commitments. We don't have insight into their financial affairs and thus will not be held liable for their actions.

Arbitration - We do have contact with the casinos on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Should you experience difficulty in your dealings with one of the bingo halls we have listed, we will happily provide whatever support at our disposal in an effort to resolve your dispute.

Bingo Hall Rules - We do remind you though that online bingo halls have comprehensive rules and that it is YOUR responsibility to familiarise yourself with the bingo halls rules before playing there.

Acknowledgement - By using the information contained in this site, you hereby agree to the above terms of the disclaimer.

Bingo for Money Disclaimer