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Bingo Banking

Bingo banking alternatives

Credit Card
To make a deposit using your Visa Card and MasterCard you will need the following information:
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Your Name (as it appears on the credit card)
Name of the Bank that issued the credit card
The EXACT billing address for the credit card you are using
The CVS number for the Credit Card (this is a 3 digit number located at the back of your card)
Most bingo halls accept credit cards but some banks decline to fund gaming orientated transactions

Wire Transfers/Bank Transfers/Personal Cheques/Bank Drafts
Most of the bingo halls will have their own arrangements and obviously their own banking details.
Simply pose this question to the cashier using live help, toll free call, or mailing them

NETeller is a fast and secure online money transfer service. NETeller has a number of methods that you can use to deposit funds into your NETeller account. You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to any merchant that supports the NETeller online payments.

900Pay is a new payment method that lets you deposit into your Bingo account and have the money charged to your phone bill. Credit cards and bank accounts are not required to use 900Pay, and there are no hidden fees or long-distance charges.

Prepaid ATM
Known as the most Powerful ATM card on the planet; you can use your PrePaid ATM virtual card to pay anyone anywhere online.

Citadel provides an instant, secure and easy way to Deposit to your Account. Make sure you have your checkbook on hand, as this service takes the form of an electronic check.

Moneybookers is a tool that allows you to safely send and receive money via email - instantly. You can send money from your credit card and transfer money to and from your bank account.

FirePay is a free, secure and convenient payment method which works a lot like a debit or Credit Card. You simply deposit funds into your FirePay account and then use it to make payments or transfer funds on-line.

EcoCard is an alternative purchasing method which is used widely throughout Europe.

PaysafeCard is Europe's first prepaid-card for online shopping. PaysafeCard is principally for German and Austrian players although it is in the process of expanding to international markets.

Online bingo banking alternatives